Ella is a cinematographer who grew up in New Jersey, taking photos with a Barbie Polaroid camera.

They graduated from Bard College with a degree in Photography. After spending years photographing and creating experimental video art, they developed a unique style - mixing the real and the surreal. 

Ella fell in love with film making after working on professional movie sets in the camera department, learning from experienced professionals and the importance of good communication as a means to making the most of cinematic collaboration. 

They are currently completing their MFA in cinematography at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Where they were selected to be a Camera Graduate Associate.

Ella’s work as a cinematographer has been celebrated in film festivals such as Cannes, Palm Springs and Aspen Shortsfest.  They recently won the Nestor Almendros award for best female cinematography.

Based in Brooklyn, NY

Contact: ellagibneydp@gmail.com


Short Films

Shiner, Terminal, The Jam, Sulam, I Think We Hope We're Right, Let Me Assist You,  Late Bloomer, The Joke, Shop Til' You're Dropped, LAFF, The Good News

2nd Unit DP

Crime of the Century 

Using Format